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My name is Mandy Vanrobaeys and I am attending the University of Regina, enrolled in the Faculty of Education. My major is Business Education and my minor is Special Education. I am currently in my third year here at the University of Regina in my pre-internship semester which enables me to go into a classroom to teach for three weeks. I have had a passion for teaching since I attended high school and that passion leads me to where I am today. I have been around children and parents a lot since my summer job for the past three years of lifeguarding and swim instructing requires me too.

I grew up living on a farm outside of Deloraine, Manitoba, where I attended school  from Kindergarten until Grade 12 and graduated from Deloraine High School in 2010. I have one brother, Jordan, who is now happily married and has one child, Lane, and another child on the way. My parents, Michael and Roxy, still reside on the farm in Deloraine, taking care of our livestock and grain farm. I have always loved growing up on a farm and in a small town as it is a completely different way of living compared to city life. I was very privileged to take part in the extra curricular aspects of the town such as softball, hockey, 4-H club, and volleyball. I don’t know if I would have had the chance to take part in these activities if I had lived in a city.

School was always a good experience for me as I enjoyed learning from my teachers and had a good relationship with all my classmates throughout all the years of school. I had one teacher that made me realize the value of becoming a teacher and the reward of helping children learn about certain subjects and values in life. In my grade 8 year she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in the summer of that year and this made many of us realize how helpful she was and what impact her teaching and beliefs made on us as students and now as adults entering into the same profession or entering into other careers. All of my other teachers were very knowledgeable and respectful towards me as well and they helped me decide that I would like to pursue into the profession of teaching as well. Two of my teachers were also my coaches in volleyball and softball so that made me respect them as well as they were a big help in helping me improve in sports as well.

I hope this blog can become my portfolio of my journey to becoming a teacher and it will help my dream to come alive of helping students to the best of my ability and I hope my students one day can share stories about me that helped change their life just like my teachers did.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is great Mandy…good words you brought me back home with your story of the farm. There are such amazing lessons in those places and you will bring those places metaphorically and with your presence in classrooms. It is a beautiful thing…thinking about place. I remember the farm vividly through your story if I think really hard in moments like this I can still remember the smell of the grain…on a long harvest evening.

    Thx for sharing with me…this is pedagogy in so many ways…

  2. These are great words…what a great story how people…a teacher can leave such an imprint or a forward looking story for a person…like yourself. It is a heavy responsibility but with that being said it is also a beautiful thing as those stories of youth and teaching stay with you in so many ways…they sustain you and shape you. Thanks for your stories. Sean

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