“The Classroom Experiment” Part 1 and 2

After watching this video, I am impressed with the different techniques that they used to improve student engagement and raise academic acheivement. One quote that really stood out through the whole video was “effort leads to success” and I think that this relates to both teachers and students. I think that the greater the effort that the teachers and the students put into their teaching and learning leads to greater success. 

The techniques that Dr. Wiliam had the teachers use in the classrooms included lollipop sticks with the students names, whiteboards to allow students to answer with their own opinions, yellow cup (not sure about the topic)/red cup (needs immediate help) /green cup (understands) technique which allowed the students to ask for help without holding their hand up for a long time.

The lollipop stick technique was hard for the students to get used to as some of the more gifted and smarter students were becoming frustrated when they wanted to answer but then when they were called upon they didn’t want to answer because they didn’t know that certain question. This activity opened up the idea that Dr. Wiliam wanted a classroom where it is alright to be wrong and by the end of the video the students understood that everyone can learn from their mistakes. The whiteboards allowed for everyone to answer and see all of the others answers. It allowed for independence and even though the students sometimes caused havoc with some of the whiteboards, the students seemed to get used to using them and allowing everyone’s opinions. Finally the cup technique kept the kids away from sitting there with their hand up and made them more focused on their work.

Finally the last technique that I was really impressed with was the secret student where they chose one student to pay attention to secretly and if they misbehaved they would get an “x” but if they showed good behaviour and if they received three “checks” then they receive a point for their class for a reward in the end. The students found it hard to behave appropriately at the start but when they were reminded of the secret student they behaved really well.

The last comment that I received from the videos was that the students learned that they need to work together and not individually and competition is not important. What was important was that they learned from their mistakes and they learned from each other because “smart is not who you are, it’s what you get.”


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