Homework- Does It Improve Student Achievement


This article mentioned above has me really thinking about whether homework is effective or not and does it improve student achievement? I think that practice at home of the skills and knowledge that the students are learning in class is very beneficial and allows for the students of all ages to practice good study habits. I think that practicing study habits are very important as I was never introduced to how to study properly and it would have helped me so much when coming into university. I’m not saying that students need hours of homework but just enough (even if it is 30 minutes every night or every other night) can help them understand what they are learning and if we make it relevant then they will want to go home and do it. Lastly, I do not mind the “flipped classroom” approach but one issue that may come up is not all students have access to computers at home and may not be able to complete the lead up activities to the homework that they have to complete in class. That is why we need to get to know our students and find out if we can use this approach in our classroom or not.


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