Pre-Internship Reflections

March 5 and 6, 2013

I have had the greatest time at the Huda School over the past two days. I just got home from judging the science fair which was a great experience ! I am very excited to start teaching in the Accounting 10 and Information Processing 10 classes. These classes consist of all girls, no boys which is such a difference that you would not see everyday. We observed the Grade 11 and 12 classes as well and the class sizes are very small which is very nice to see and it will be easy for us to get to know the students and hopefully create a good relationship with them. Ashley is great ! She is very friendly and open to whatever we want to teach. Nancy Armstrong has also opened up her IP classroom for us to come into and teach and observe for another Business Education experience. I am so glad that I volunteered to go here and am very excited about this experience to come !

March 11, 2013

What I did today?
Today went very well at the Huda School! We started today off by observing the Accounting 10 class and then went into Information Processing 10. I taught my first lesson in Info Pro today about Microsoft Publisher 2010. Their lack of using Publisher was surprising as I thought that they had experience of the program but they actually did not. It was shocking at the start because I wanted them to share with me some advantages and disadvantages of using Publisher instead of Word, but I ended up adapting the lesson and just telling them the advantages and disadvantages and got them to write them down in their notes. The rest of my lesson went well and I got them to create posters and email them to me about themselves, which is helping me get to know them better and what they are interested in. Ashley (because Nancy was sick) gave me some very constructive feedback which was very helpful and I will definitely take it to my next lesson tomorrow to help me.
My highlight of the day
My highlight of the day would be when we got to sit in on the SLC meeting and helped discuss ideas for Earth Day. It was a highlight to see how those meetings are run and it is great to see the students and the teachers so involved in putting on fun activities throughout the school.
What I would do differently?
One thing that I would do differently was in my lesson when I explained the Poster Project. I should have written what I wanted to see on the board instead of just verbally saying it. Ashley’s feedback helped me understand this as I was asked a few times after I explained it what I wanted on the poster, where if I had it written on the board the students probably wouldn’t have had to ask.
Other than that my day was excellent !
March 12, 2013
What I did today?
Today started off by observing Kim’s lesson to the Accounting 10 class, which was very well done. She did a very good job of including all the students with problems on the board and they also performed a skit of accounting which was very engaging and fun. I was supposed to do a lesson in Information Processing again, but Nancy was very sick and Ashley did not want the substitute teacher that was there observing me because let’s just say he wouldn’t have given very good feedback. So I postponed my lesson until tomorrow so hopefully Nancy is back. Kim and I observed the Information Processing class anyway, but the substitute didn’t do much and the students were asking Kim and I questions which was nice to be involved and helpful for their Reunion projects that they are doing, since the substitute teacher didn’t really know what was going on.
Highlight of the day
My highlight of the day was probably the staff meeting that we had the chance to sit in on with the high school teachers. It was a very relaxed meeting and they seem to work very well together and they bring their ideas together well in order to benefit their students.
What would I do differently?
One thing that I would have done differently would have been to teach my lesson anyway to the Information Processing class, because today the students didn’t work as hard as they should because the substitute didn’t really know what they were to do (even though Nancy had a plan). Not saying that I would have done an amazing job, it would have just helped to keep the students on track and focused on something. After saying that I am excited for Nancy to come back and observe my lesson.
March 13, 2013
What did I do today?
Today I observed Kim’s lesson of Accounting again, and I taught another Information Processing class dealing with text and pictures in Publisher. I had them edit their posters that I had them make on the first day and also had them make a calendar on Publisher. We then observed Ashley’s math classes and helped the students with any questions that they had the rest of the day. In the last class they were using Pinterest in their Interior Design class so I thought that was very interesting and a cool way to look for different designs and pictures within a home.
After school, I had the chance to sit down and look at the posters and calendars that I had my students make today. They allowed me to get to know the students a little better and their interests.
Highlight of the day
My highlight of the day would have been the lunch that some of the staff put on once a month, with a theme. Today was Mexican theme and Kim and I were involved in the lunch and got to bring something that was Mexican themed. The staff at the school is very welcoming and it was nice to sit down with them today and meet the ones that are involved in this lunch group.
What would I do differently?
One thing that I would have done differently is have a template of my own for the lesson that I taught today as I had trouble with the template that I used from Publisher for wrapping the text around a picture, but one of the students eventually figured it out and then I showed the rest of the students how we found out how to do it.
Today was another great day at the Huda School and I am excited for you to come and see my lesson in Information Processing tomorrow morning !
March 14, 2013
What I did today?
Today I observed Kim’s accounting lesson and really enjoyed the “Are you smarter than an accountant” activity that she used in her lesson. In the next class I taught Information Processing (as you saw) and taught them about Brochures. I really enjoyed seeing you today! It was the Pi Day at the school (3.14.2013) so they had activities in the gym for high school students related to Pi which was really interesting to be a part of. After lunch (which was pizza pies) we observed a Career and Work class with Jodie Hall and she is going to have us perform interviews for the students next week sometime. The last class was Interior Design and we got to be a part of the conversations of painting the classroom which I thought was fantastic and am really excited to see how this will turn out.
Highlight of the day
The highlight of today was when one of the Grade 9 students was trying to explain to me that 3.14 is P.I.E spelled backward and then I told him that it is correct but Pi is spelled P.i. and they all laughed so having that positive relationship with the students is improving extremely and they are very accepting of us being there.
One thing that I would change
One thing that I would change is to make sure that all the students in Info Pro are on task while I am showing videos and such things. The girls were fairly good today but the other day they would be trying to work ahead and I just need to make sure that their laptops are closed when showing something on the projector.
March 15, 2013
What I did today?Today I observed Kim again in accounting and she used the game of Life which was great. Next I taught Info Pro and they just had a work period for their brochure which went really great and all the students were on task really well !

Highlight of the day

Today I really enjoyed the conversation I had with one of the girls this morning. She just came up to me and started talking about her morning which really made me feel special that she wanted to talk to me !

What I would have done differently

I would have gave the girls a break in middle of class but class went so fast and I didn’t get a chance to!

March 18, 2013
What I did today
I got to observe Kim’s Accounting lesson with you ! Then I had the pleasure of teaching my last Information Processing lesson for my sequence and had the girls work on their brochures for the period as well as review the Hyphenation setting on Publisher (as you saw today). For the rest of the day we observed the Math classes and the Interior Design classes.
Highlight of the day.
My highlight of the day was in the Interior Design class when we got the chance to have input on the color scheme that the girls are choosing to paint the classroom! It was very interesting listening in on their discussions, and having them ask us what our opinions are.
What would I do differently?
I would have liked to have everyone finish their brochures by the end of the class (they all were very close to finishing them, and some were done) since Kim is starting to teach them Access tomorrow. I know that this is hard to avoid and a lesson well learned that not all students finish their work at the same time, so we will just have to adapt that, and I am going to ask Nancy what she thinks will be a reasonable date for those to be emailed to me by when she gets back tomorrow!
March 19, 2013
What I did today?
Today  I started to teach Chapter 17 in Accounting 20 to the Grade 10’s. I reviewed with them the steps of writing out an Income Statement and the Cost of Merchandise Sold calculation. Second class I observed Kim while she was teaching Access 2010 to the Grade 10 Information Processing class. The next two classes the students had Math tests so we just observed and then in the final class, Interior Design we observed the girls discussing their proposal for the Principal to hear about their room design for the classroom. Ashley also showed us the PowerSchool program that they use for grades which was nice to learn and understand how that works.
Highlight of the day
My highlight of the day was getting Ashley’s feedback from my Accounting lesson as she provides great feedback and little ideas such as words used when instructing that will help me in my future teaching. Her feedback is very helpful and she gives great ideas to move forward.
What would I have done differently?
I would have printed out a handout of the steps of how to make an Income Statement and then have them fill in a blank one as I went through the steps on the board. This would give them practice with the indentations and format of the Income Statement for future reference.
March 20, 2013
What I did today?
Today I taught a short lesson in Accounting for about 35 minutes as they were off to the Art Gallery at 9:10. The lesson went well and I got most of what I wanted to be done in the short amount of time that I had. Second class we had prep because all the high school students got to go to the Art Gallery, so in this time I got some marking from the Info Pro class done. After lunch, I observed Kim teach a Math class to Grade 10’s. She used the Frayer Model which was very interesting and all the students were engaged.
Highlight of the day?
Watching the students in Interior Design present their proposal of their design for the classroom to the Principal. I was very proud of them because they spoke very clearly and spoke very intelligently of their design. It was my highlight mainly because we get to help them paint their classroom starting on Friday, which is so cool !
What I would have done differently?
In my Accounting lesson I would have explained to them more clearly what would happen if there was more than one revenue account in the Income Statement, as I quickly talked about it but I don’t think they will ever come across a point where this would happen.
March 21, 2013
What I did today?
Today was an interesting day at Huda School. It was Traditional Dress Day so most of the students wore their traditional dress that they would wear for their culture, instead of their school uniform and they were beautiful! In the first class I was supposed to teach Accounting, but there was a guest speaker from the University of Regina about his immigration to Canada and about Anti Racism. The second class was Information Processing and I observed Kim teach the students about Access. Third class was Grade 11 Math that we observed. The class after lunch I had the opportunity to perform interviews to the Career and Work 30 class, which was really cool and exciting to see how they react to interviews and to see how prepared they were. I was very impressed with their interview skills. The last class was Interior Design and we are now in the “painting stage” of the project so we cleaned the walls and taped to be ready to paint next week with the students.
Highlight of the day
My highlight of the day was performing the interviews as it was something different and it was very fun to do.
What would I do differently?
For the interviews I was prepared, but I would have maybe thought of a few more different questions that I could have asked the students, because they were all watching the interviews so a little bit of it was repetitive but I tried to mix them up as much as I could.
March 22, 2013
What I did today?Today I taught accounting first class and it went great ! Second class I observed Kim teach access to info pro. Third class we observed grade 11 math and same with fourth class we observed grade 10 math. Last class was interior design and we learned the basics of painting and finished the taping before we start on Monday !

Highlight of the day

Preparing the room to paint because we are all so excited to get started !

What I would do differently

I would have used a net loss example as well to show the students the difference instead of just a net income example.

March 25, 2013
What I did today?
Today I taught Accounting again and did a lesson on making a capital statement. It went well and I am almost finished teaching that chapter. Second class I observed Kim’s Information Processing class and collected data for her during that time. Third class we observed the Grade 11 Math, and at lunch they were in her classroom getting extra help which we also observed. After lunch we talked to the students who Ashley is rounding up for the Case Competition and just told them what to expect and what happens at it. Fourth class we observed Grade 10 Math and last class we started the painting of the classroom in Interior Design.
Highlight of the day
My highlight of the day was when we talked to the students about the case competition as I think they will do very well as they are so smart and knowledgeable, especially in front of crowds. I hope that they will do well and I am excited to see them at the Case Competition in a few weeks !
What would I do differently?
In my morning lesson I would have cut out the part of making a capital statement on the overhead as it just took up a lot of time and was sort of repetitive from what I went over right before that.
March 26,2013
What I did today?
Today was Day 1 of painting the classroom! It was quite the job, and I definitely will not be pursuing a career in painting but I learned a lot. Since it was parent-teacher-student conferences there was no classes for the students, so that gave us the whole day to paint three of the walls of the classroom. It is looking great and I can’t wait for the finished product to be complete. The girls were very excited to see the colours that they picked finally up on the walls.
Highlight of the day
My highlight of the day would be the lunch that we went on with the high school teachers. It was nice to get to know them outside of the classroom and they are such a great bunch of people that they are very easy to get along with and relate to.
What would I do differently?
One thing that I would have done differently is I would have gone into the gym with Ashley for at least one of the interviews but time went so fast and the girls definitely needed the supervision in the classroom to make sure they were doing a good job of painting.
March 27, 2013
What did I do today?
I taught my final Accounting 20 lesson today about the Balance Sheet in first class since we finished the Chapter 17 content and they have an assembly tomorrow at this time so I wouldn’t be able to teach another one. In second class I observed Kim teach queries for Access in Information Processing. It went great and I learned a lot! Third and fourth class we observed the Grade 11 and 10 math classes and last class we painted the last wall in Interior Design. I am very impressed with the colors and we just have to put one more coat on tomorrow.
Highlight of the day
My highlight of the day was when Nancy asked for my teaching notes on Publisher. She said that she wanted them to refresh her memory and to use them in the future. This moved me as I felt like a colleague and it felt nice that she was asking for my stuff to help her teach. I like the warm community that these teachers share in this school. It is very heartwarming.
What would I do differently?
One thing that I would do differently is make an overhead of the balance sheet for me to write out instead of using the board as I ran out of room and had to erase some of it. The overhead would help the girls see the final product instead of me doing sections, but they had it all written out on their handout for which they could look at.
March 28, 2013
What did I do today ?
Today I went to assembly first class which was very neat and organized. Second class I observed info pro done by Kim. Third class I had a nice visit with Cyril and talked about how our time was going! After lunch we observed math and then interior design and finished the paint job.Highlight of the day
Visiting with Helen and Cyril and talking about how our time went.

The time at Regina Huda School has changed my perspective on the different cultures and religions in our society today. My teaching philosophy has changed so much and I have learned so much about myself and my teaching from this experience. I am so blessed to have had such a great experience and I look forward to Internship in the Fall.

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