One thing about assessment and evaluation that I have learned from ECS 410 is that in a Rubric there is no room for giving half marks. If the student does not meet all the criteria under a certain category (for example a 4) then they do not deserve that mark. I am glad I have learned this and it has really made me think about all of the assignments that I have marked or that I have been marked on and it makes me ask “Do they know this rule?” In my EBUS 351 class I had to research an evaluation strategy and I did my research on Rubrics. The research is in the word document below. After doing this research it helped me a little with creating rubrics, but lots of practice will definitely help me create really good rubrics in the future, because I think that Rubrics are one type of evaluation that I will keep learning about as time goes on and I make more and more of them.

Evaluation Strategy Paper – Rubrics


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