Learning Journey

I have learned a lot about myself and my teaching philosophy this past semester. The journey to becoming a teacher has been unbelievable and I must say I was blessed with the opportunity to pre-intern at the Regina Huda School. I have learned a lot about the different culture, how the students are very motivated and engaged to receive good grades, and how well behaved those students are. Not saying that no other school was well behaved, but the classroom management that I received with the small class numbers at Regina Huda School was very helpful. Teaching Accounting and Information Processing was great as I learned how to adjust quickly to teaching a chapter from the middle of the text book in Accounting, and I made up an assignment in Information Processing that was related to a project that they were working on. I feel that I am way more confident in front of a room full of students after this experience. I also feel that lesson planning is just natural now and it is fairly simple to come up with a lesson to teach once you have a started path.

I found myself using assessment all the time while I was teaching in pre-internship. Whether it was just observing the students work by checking in, using exit slips and bell work, or making up a marking scheme for the Brochure Assignment that I had the students complete, I have found myself assessing the students’ learning daily. I think this is a great start, which will help me in my internship and future teaching career with assessing the students’ learning. If it wasn’t for ECS 410, I don’t think that I would have learned assessment anywhere else, and I am thankful that the textbook, handouts, and discussions have helped me understand the different types of assessments more thoroughly.

I am certainly excited and confident to enter internship with a bright mind and I am hoping that my experience and learning journey from pre-internship carries on through internship as well.


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