Life is moving in fast forward

Today I came to the realization of everything is happening in fast forward for me. Teacher applications, portfolios, resume making, cover letters, job postings, along with the many assignments and exams that I have to prepare for within this semester. Where does it end! The teacher application is a long one and I am glad that I have started it and am close to the end of sending it away. I put my teacher certificate application in the mail the other day and realized that I can see the light to the end of my university career. It feels like it was yesterday that I was applying into university and getting that acceptance letter. Now I am in the process of thinking about where I want to teach and live and where my life is heading. It is all surreal! I am starting on the process of making my portfolio that I can take with me to interviews. Ahhhh interviews!!!! Better get practicing and preparing!

I am happy with the accomplishments that I have made, the internships that I have been involved with, the students lives that I have touched and the networking that I have done and I have yet to do with different professionals in the education system.


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