What do students remember most?

I recently found this article that one of my Facebook friends posted called What students remember most about teachers. I thought this was ironic as I was just thinking back to my internship when one day I was teaching and in the middle of my lecture I had taken a break to look at my notes and activities and one student asked “Tell us a funny story about your life Miss Van?” I laughed and said,  “You don’t want to know anything about me!”

I learned from this day and this article that they actually do want to know everything about you and what your interests are because the students are looking up to you. I think that if you can make that kind of impression in the classroom, the students will respect you and you will be able to relate your life to theirs and they will come to you for advice and assistance. They will see that you are caring and want to be involved with their lives as much as possible. I want my students to remember me for who I am and not for that teacher that looks stressed about their lessons or assignments or the one yelling at them to be quiet. I want my classroom to be open to opinions and voices and welcoming to new students and I want all my students to know that I care about them and am there for any advice they may need.

I’d like to know what some other educators opinions are about what student remember most about teachers?


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