Everybody Makes Mistakes… Right?

So as my learning experience goes on, I have decided to finish my first headband and start over. The reason being is I seem to have messed up somewhere and instead of alternating ways around the headband I just kept going around and around and it didn’t come out the way I was expecting it to. It ended up a little uneven. It doesn’t look that bad but I think I will make my next one as a rectangle and join it in the end with buttons.

I’ve learned that we all make mistakes and I think this relates to teaching as we are teaching new topics everyday and students sometimes don’t catch on right away. We have to realize that we all learn differently and have to take our time at certain things. The main concept that we learn though is that we learn from our mistakes and keep trying. Hopefully the next time we will improve and be better at what we are learning.

Here is a picture of what I made and hopefully my next one I can wear out in public!



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