What has this world come to? 9 year olds taking their own lives because of bullying?

I cannot believe that I am writing about this story and I am speechless after reading this news article. It is about a 9 year old boy who took his own life because he was being bullied at his new school. One question that comes to mind is why? Why are there situations like this happening in schools and how can we stop this from happening? Here is the link to the full article that I got from Facebook.

Schoolboy dies in hospital after targeted by bullies

Looking back into my elementary and high school years I don’t recall any situations of bullying, but as I complete my final year of university after doing several placements in schools I realize how evident and realistic the bullying scene is. I don’t know if it was because I was from a small town and if there was a problem with one another we dealt with it quick enough to never lead to drastic problems or was it because of something else? I don’t know the answer to this and I do not know what educator’s are supposed to do to stop our kids from being bullied or being the bully. I think we need to raise awareness in our schools and share the consequences that people are facing when they are being bullied. I think we need to be aware of our students and what is going on in their lives as much as possible and try and prevent any bullying from happening. I know we cannot really control the technology/online bullying that can happen but need to warn our students to stay away from online situations that may occur if they can and to not be afraid to ask for help if they do come upon a situation like this.



One thought on “What has this world come to? 9 year olds taking their own lives because of bullying?

  1. @Mandy This is a devastating story, and so sad to hear. As teachers, we really need to crack down on bullying, but more importantly we need to build a risk free environment for our students. We want our students to be able express what they are thinking and their struggles. The more we compress our worries and stress, the worse it can get. Thanks for this post as I will be emphasizing a risk free environment in my pre-internship this semester.

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