Flipped Classroom- Accounting

As a Business Ed major one of the classes that I taught during internship was Accounting. I really enjoy teaching Accounting as it can relate to everyday life and how to manage your personal worth. One way that I would use the “flipped classroom approach” in Accounting is I would post to my blog and give the students a handout of what Assets and Liabilities are and allow them to take it home, read it over, and think about different assets and liabilities that they have in their own lives (or what their parents have). They can then come back to class the next day and we would create a list of different types of assets and different types of liabilities that is personalized and then eventually create a Balance Sheet to see what they are worth. This will allow me to get to know my students and it will allow them to see that you can personalize the information that we are learning. Even though this isn’t using technology it is allowing the students to interact with their parents and show them what we are learning about in class and it gives them time to think about what they own and who they owe.


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