Creation #3 – Inspired by a little girl named Kalia

Hey everyone!

So I haven’t posted in a while what I have been working on. I have recently just finished a matching headband for my niece Kalia. This headband matches the purple coloured one that I previously finished and posted to Headband #2 post on my blog. This headband for Kalia used the half double crochet pattern (hdc) and was joined together with a button. I wanted to make something for her and her mom enjoyed it very much and now wants one. I am going to be a busy person once people find out what I can make. Here are a few pictures of Kalia with her new headband made by her Auntie! Such a sweetheart!

kalia 1 kalia 2 kalia 3

Over my reading week I also used my new knowledge of crocheting to help out a fellow colleague at the school where I interned at. She is just a beginner and I showed her how to get started as she was having difficulties on her project. This project for ECMP 455 has not only allowed me to learn something new, but it has helped me help others who are having the same problems that I had at the start. This makes me realize that we all have our difficulties and we all learn differently (visual, reading, auditory) and this experience will help me in the future of learning new things and teaching new topics to students who it may take longer to learn than others.

Next project: An infinity scarf


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