SCAM- How do we really know?

Today I received a really interesting phone call from someone from “Microsoft” who received a report about troubles that I have been having with my computer. Now I really haven’t been having any trouble with my computer, so I went on to tell him “I don’t have Microsoft on my computer”, but I do remember reporting a problem I had closing a Word document that I opened from UR courses so I did report it just in case (not expecting a phone call). He then said that I need to allow him to fix my computer and he seemed to know that I had a Mac computer. I followed through thinking maybe this is real, allowing him to use TeamViewer to get onto my computer (1st Red Flag) and share with me some viruses that have been taking over computers (through google news articles). Thinking all of this may be legitimately correct, I continued on listening to him and then he said “What kind of Anti Virus software do you have on your computer?” I told him “None. It’s a Mac.” He then went on to say I need this Mac Software and Anti-Virus and I was like ok, I don’t know about this anymore. He then tells me the deals he is offering and shows me that I have to go onto WesternUnion to transfer money (2nd Red Flag) and as I was about to fill out the information I realized this is complete NONSENSE! I politely refused to go through with this and said I do not want to give my information out to you, and he said you can go to one of these locations (one being WalMart) to transfer money to India and gave me a name to transfer it to. (3rd Red Flag) All of this seemed legit; he gave me his name, his ID number, and a phone number; until he tried to sell me something.

I guess my point of this whole story is “How do we know when a scam is happening and who do we report this to?” This information could stop people from taking our money, ruining our computers and help any gullible individuals like myself. This is the article that they tried to convince me that I had a virus with.

I know I fell for a lot and I feel really stupid about falling for it. Thankfully the wonderful employee at iWorld-Regina helped me and told me “DO NOT GO ALONG WITH THIS!” and I have an appointment to get my computer checked out tomorrow afternoon.

I guess I am just warning anyone out there to not fall for this nonsense either and watch what information you are giving out because you never know who could be stealing your information to take your assets.


One thought on “SCAM- How do we really know?

  1. I really enjoyed you taking us on this adventure of scamming, very funny. I recently had an interaction with someone emailing me from a posting I put up on UsedRegina and I had a very similar experience. This individual who emailed me several times with the same initial email (1st flag), said that he would be out of the province for several months and wanted me to ship it to him which he would later reimburse me for (2nd flag), and required all of my information in order to process the request (alright, I’m done).

    Every time something like this happens to me, I just imagine some poor old lady who follows through the entire way and is taken advantage off. Until I see a news story about a Nigerian prince whose massive inheritance went uncollected, I will continue to hang up the phone and ignore the emails.

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