BYOD – The Idea of Using Your Own Technology in the Classroom

My fellow classmate Mitchell Ernesto recently tweeted about BYOD – Bring your own device. There are many different views and opinions of educators and students about using a device such as an iPad, cell phone, computer, or any other piece of technology in the classroom. I would definitely allow my students to use their devices in my classroom in an appropriate way whether it is for a poll or an assignment. I do feel very cautious in saying that I would allow it though since I think it is all in the classroom management and respect that you as a teacher receive from your students. Some students will choose to misbehave and misuse their technology which I would then have to eliminate the idea of bringing their own device.

Statistics are high for students in high school (aged 12-17) who have a mobile phone. 78% of these students have a mobile phone. So why not use it in an educational way! They are probably going to try and hide it and use it anyways so if you show them that you are allowing them to use their phones in an educational way then maybe they will continue to use it and find new ways to communicate.

I have found some examples of using your own device in the classroom from a EDTECH website. These are 10 examples of using the BYOD approach:

Poll Everywhere- allows teachers to make a poll (multiple choice or open ended) and their students text in their answer

Ask Google Questions- Students and teachers can ask any question by texting it to GOOGLE.

Provide Classroom Instruction of QR codes- QR codes can create links to content and information.

Flashcard App- Students can practice their study skills using their notes and this flashcard app.

Share Ideas over Text- Students can text feedback to one another and they can be displayed on a big screen for the whole class to see.

Google Voice- connect with students and parents after school

Educational Podcasts- student can learn material through podcasts- a different way of learning something.

Explore Outside of the Classroom- Using such programs like Google Earth you can take a field trip in the comfort of your own classroom.

Capture Lessons with a Camera- Students can use a camera to capture certain moments of the lesson that will help them remember.

Video Conferences- Students and teachers can welcome guest speakers via Skype or welcome pen pals into their classroom.


One thought on “BYOD – The Idea of Using Your Own Technology in the Classroom

  1. I think this list has some great ideas that could potentially enhance lessons and really increase student engagement. If I were teaching older students I would definitely want to try out some of these tools with smartphones. I do think that allowing students to bring smartphones into class could lead misuse and cause more of a distraction, I think about how many people sit on social media and text throughout university classes. I do think that if you lay out clear expectations with your students (perhaps involve them in the process) or create some form of contract with them they will use it as a tool and be respectful. If the students realize that lessons can be more exciting and meaningful to them with incorporating technology then hopefully they make the choice to only use it for the purpose of the lesson.

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