How technology can help all students

I was reading my textbook for my other class called “Creating Inclusive Classrooms” by Spencer J. Salend and the chapter was about Differentiating Instruction for Diverse Learners. It started off speaking about Backwards By Design lesson plans and planning your units and lessons by first determining the assessments you will use to evaluate your students. I think this is important in finding your students learning styles and how they like to be assessed whether it is through projects, presentations, or orally and then planning your lesson based on those needs.

This chapter then turned into talking about using technology to promote inclusion. I think this is important for ALL learners and can be easily incorporated into every classroom in today’s society. Different text size, fonts, and styles are easy ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. Visuals and backgrounds can be easily contrasted in different ways for students to be more motivated in the classroom. Making sure that all our students can see the text easily is very important in the classroom. Staying away from the use of bright yellow or green will help the learners stay more focused on your presentations and make it easier to read.

The last bit of this chapter discussed using instructional technologies and assistive devices. “Computer based instruction help you individualize your instruction and assessment by directing students to items related to their skill levels and allowing students to work at their own pace” (Salend, 2011). This includes using drill and practice, instructional games, videos, tutorials on the computers that students can take their time at and help improve their skills while using technology. I think the flipped classroom is a good example of this.I think tutorials online are very helpful in the classroom, especially for our visual learners. Digital videos and stories are also helpful for students with disabilities who maybe are afraid to present to their classmates or peers. Websites, blogs, podcasts are ways to allow students to share their opinions and beliefs and learning styles online for everyone to see.

Even though this text shared ways to incorporate technology into the classroom, it didn’t share where to find these resources. I am happy to be in a class such as ECMP 455 where I get to use and practice with different resources and types of technologies that I will be able to use eventually in my classroom. I know that people can now connect with other professionals on twitter to share different types of helpful technologies in the classroom. I found this helpful resource the other day on Twitter from a previous instructor of mine about effective eLearning tips. Here is the link below:


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