Organizational Tools

Recently my goal has been to become more organized on my computer with such things as my bookmarks, documents, pictures, etc. Some tools that Alec has discussed in our ECMP 455 class have been Evernote, Delicious, and Dropbox.

I have been using Dropbox for a few years now. It is a neat site to log into and save any important documents, notes, pictures, etc. from your computer. This allows for easy access to those files wherever you are and you don’t have to have your computer with you. I found that this came in handy when doing presentations so I wouldn’t have to take my flash drive or computer everywhere I went. You can also share files with other people by allowing them permission. I have not had a chance to do this but I have ward it is reliable. One downfall of this is that you need internet but usually you have internet almost everywhere now. This is super useful for doing work at home and then taking it to the classroom, or if you are using it in the classroom students can go to the shared file and read or use it at their own discretion.

Delicious is very new to me. I recently just signed up for this because I found I was getting too many bookmarks on my computer so I thought it would be nice to have them in one place and that way I can also log into any computer with internet and find my bookmarks of websites that may be needed.

Evernote is also very new to me. It is a neat app on your computer that allows you to save notes,schedules, pictures, places you want to go. It is nice to have for classes that you type notes in and is also similar to Dropbox which I recently talked about. Evernote would be helpful to students with organizational difficulties who need to keep their notes in one place, especially if they have an iPad or computer in the classroom.

If you are reading this, I would like to hear your opinions on the three tools that I have talked about and if there are any other organizational tools that you found are handy?


One thought on “Organizational Tools

  1. Thank you for sharing your research with these different programs. I will have to check out Dropbox as it sounds like a tool that would be very useful. I have been using Diigo for a while and it sounds like Delicious is the same sort of idea. It sure helps having somewhere to store all the web based resources I have been accumulating over the past few years.

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