Process eh? Difficult

The process of creating my scarf has been long and painful. I will have days in which it will be going great and then I get counting and looking at it and I have screwed up on the counting so I will have to take out rows and start over again. This process has definitely been a learning journey for me and I have learned that focus is key and checking over your progress is important so you don’t get too far ahead of yourself and then having to start over again. If I would have just spent 3 or four straight hours each day I would probably have kept the confidence up and powered through it. My one downfall is I get busy with other things and do not have the straight three or four hours to spend on the scarf. Then I come back to it a couple days later and forget the pattern and counting that I was working on the previous day. I will get finished this and it will be similar to the ideal scarf that I wanted but the process is just taking longer than some people would take. This also makes me realize that students learn at different rates and some things take longer than others so as teachers we have to adapt our teachings to their styles and their rates in order for them to learn the skill or concept.


2 thoughts on “Process eh? Difficult

  1. It’s all about the journey, and not so much about the destination. I have struggled so many times with this idea, because nobody wants to do something over, or receive a less than satisfactory feeling for something we work hard on. Sometimes, we just have to preach it to our students, or even ourselves that the process is a long, and hard process, but it is worth it in the end.
    “A Rolls Royce takes 6 months to build, a Toyota takes 13 hours.”
    Sometimes we need to let ourselves know that we are worth the Rolls Royce, and we just need to keep working towards that goal.

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