Now this is the teacher I want to be!

Many people have been talking about the Saskatchewan teacher who sent letters to his students 20 years later. Now these letters weren’t just a simple hello, they were letters that they wrote to themselves 20 years earlier when they were in high school. I think this is so cool as I would have loved to know what I would have written myself when I was back in Grade 9. I know that I would have had some of the same dreams that I have today, but I would have probably said some pretty crazy stuff that probably would never come true.

In news paper article about the man who sent these letters, it states that he wanted an assignment that would be special and that students would remember. Well I think this assignment is very special, especially when he followed through with what he told them he would do. (mail them out). The effort that he put in to find their addresses, and keep all the letters shows that he truly cared for his students and he wanted them to learn from this experience. He inspired one of his students, who is now a teacher, to live up to this memorable experience and hopefully one day he will do something similar.

After reading this article, it inspires me today to be the teacher that everyone wants to relate to or be like. I think it is very important to build relationships with your students and hold on to those relationships for a long time. I think it is cool when I can look to my previous teachers for advice and talk to them about education and simple things in life that will help me in my future.


One thought on “Now this is the teacher I want to be!

  1. My grade one teacher inspired me to be a teacher. I was fortunate enough to run into her last year and tell her that I was pursuing a career as a teacher and that she was one of my main influences. I hope I can have a positive impact on a student (or many) like this down the road. I think that is one of the biggest rewards of teaching, knowing that you can make a difference in your students lives.

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