Finale is in! What a wonderful experience!

For my final project of crocheting I decided to create a scarf. Now it took me a little longer than I expected to complete this with all the minor interruptions and mistakes that I kept having, but I completed it and I am quite impressed with the final product. Here is a picture of the final project (not saying I won’t make more!):

scarf final

This project has taught me a lot about myself as a learner. It taught me to take my time, work hard, stay focused, and if it isn’t working right the first time take a break and come back to it. Overall, I have spent many hours learning how to crochet. Alec gave us a tip to blog about our process and I have a bit but in all of the blog posts that I have written, it doesn’t show the amount of effort it took us to find the pattern, buy the right kind of wool, learn the new pattern, and then master the pattern (whether it was a row, chain, double crochet pattern, etc.) and then continue on with those techniques to come out with a final product. On this last project these processes clearly came true. Most of the time I had to practice making the right size of loops for the pattern in order to make the rows equal. This is what took the majority of the time and also counting each row (31 loops in each row. 62 rows). This learning experience also helped me develop teaching techniques that I will use and have used for others who are just learning to crochet. I am happy with my project and will use this scarf for years to come.

This experience has been unforgettable and I just want to thank my classmates, Kaely Weir, and Alec Couros for all the support and advice along the way to make this a definite learning experience. I will definitely take this hobby with me and use it in the future! I also want to acknowledge how great of a tool Pinterest is. This can help with any project, craft, idea that you have.


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