Summary Post Explaining my Professional Learning

This is just a summary post for my Networked Professional Learning Assignment for ECMP 455. I decided to increase the development of my blog by posting blog posts about recent articles, tools, ideas that I found on Twitter (@MandyVanrobaeys), internet, things I learned in the class lectures, or things I found from other classes. These posts were found on my Posts Page of my blog usually once or twice a week. I also blogged about my new learning experience of crocheting once or twice a week to help build my professional learning network. I also “professionalized” my Twitter account to tweet about educational topics, tools, or ideas. I now focus on a professional Twitter account instead of using it for personal feelings or ideas. I have definitely matured that way. I liked bouncing ideas and using ideas from other colleagues in this class as well as other professionals such as @LuvEdTech, @BAMRadioNetwork. Lastly I commented on other classmates blogs, tweeted/retweeted to other colleagues, and used #ecmp455 to discover a lot of my learning.


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