How to use games to teach physics

Here is an interesting article from BBC news:

It is about a teacher who used a video game to engage his students into handing in assignments and paying more attention in his classes. He has made up a “game” related to World of Warcraft which allows the students to gain points in class if they hand in assignments on time, show good behaviour, helping others with homework, and doing well on exams. He also has given the students incentives if they reach a certain level of the game, such as allowing eight extra minutes to finish an exam. There are also penalties to the game if a student misses handing in an assignment. I think that this sort of idea could be beneficial in the class to be motivated and engaged to learn and hand in assignments. It also allows the students to be on a team and if the team has a penalty, the students learn to work hard as a team and play a role on the team. There is proof that it motivates the students and engages them in a way that some would never think that it could.


Standardized Testing in Saskatchewan

This is one of the many articles out there that are related to the issue that has come about based on standardized testing in Saskatchewan for all grades 4-12 in Math, Science and Reading.

In my opinion, I agree with Dr. Spooner in saying that they are not necessary and that they can cause a lot of stress to teachers and students and I think that it won’t allow us to be engaging teachers and will take a lot of time away from opportunities to be creative with using such techniques as Inquiry Based teaching or experience based learning in the classroom. These types of techniques can have an impact on the student’s learning and if we move to standardized testing I think teachers will stress over meeting the needs of those and not focus on their student’s needs and assessments to meet certain learning styles.

February 21, 2013 – A little something to impact your life

Even though this video doesn’t have much to do with assessment, it has something to do with vocational guidance of students who don’t know what they want to do in life. It really displays the message of “Do what you want to do, and do whatever you want that will make you happy.” The best thing that can come out of something that you like to do is the mastery of that certain thing. Click on the link below to watch an inspiring video:

Tragedy and Hope- Alan Watts