Finale is in! What a wonderful experience!

For my final project of crocheting I decided to create a scarf. Now it took me a little longer than I expected to complete this with all the minor interruptions and mistakes that I kept having, but I completed it and I am quite impressed with the final product. Here is a picture of the final project (not saying I won’t make more!):

scarf final

This project has taught me a lot about myself as a learner. It taught me to take my time, work hard, stay focused, and if it isn’t working right the first time take a break and come back to it. Overall, I have spent many hours learning how to crochet. Alec gave us a tip to blog about our process and I have a bit but in all of the blog posts that I have written, it doesn’t show the amount of effort it took us to find the pattern, buy the right kind of wool, learn the new pattern, and then master the pattern (whether it was a row, chain, double crochet pattern, etc.) and then continue on with those techniques to come out with a final product. On this last project these processes clearly came true. Most of the time I had to practice making the right size of loops for the pattern in order to make the rows equal. This is what took the majority of the time and also counting each row (31 loops in each row. 62 rows). This learning experience also helped me develop teaching techniques that I will use and have used for others who are just learning to crochet. I am happy with my project and will use this scarf for years to come.

This experience has been unforgettable and I just want to thank my classmates, Kaely Weir, and Alec Couros for all the support and advice along the way to make this a definite learning experience. I will definitely take this hobby with me and use it in the future! I also want to acknowledge how great of a tool Pinterest is. This can help with any project, craft, idea that you have.


Process eh? Difficult

The process of creating my scarf has been long and painful. I will have days in which it will be going great and then I get counting and looking at it and I have screwed up on the counting so I will have to take out rows and start over again. This process has definitely been a learning journey for me and I have learned that focus is key and checking over your progress is important so you don’t get too far ahead of yourself and then having to start over again. If I would have just spent 3 or four straight hours each day I would probably have kept the confidence up and powered through it. My one downfall is I get busy with other things and do not have the straight three or four hours to spend on the scarf. Then I come back to it a couple days later and forget the pattern and counting that I was working on the previous day. I will get finished this and it will be similar to the ideal scarf that I wanted but the process is just taking longer than some people would take. This also makes me realize that students learn at different rates and some things take longer than others so as teachers we have to adapt our teachings to their styles and their rates in order for them to learn the skill or concept.

Update on the scarf project

So I am starting to realize how busy I actually am and have been making progress on the scarf but it is taking longer than I expected. There have been a few roadblocks along the way with this certain pattern as it requires counting for each row and it isn’t seeming to look as straight as the pictures are showing. It still looks decent and I am almost halfway complete. A few more straight hours of only crocheting and not being sidetracked will get me to completion. Here is a picture of what it is looking like: 


If you are looking for a wonderful crocheting partner and are interested in a few different patterns check out Kaely Weir’s blog about her projects and masterpieces!! My favourite is the slouchy hat!

What is our process and what are some complications? – Video #3

Here is a video of what Kaely and I have found to be our greatest complications and a bit of the process that we have used during our new found hobby of crocheting.

Please have a watch and let us know any questions or concerns that you may have.

I am now working on an infinity scarf. I said in the video that I was doing a HDC pattern but I didn’t like that and now I am going to do a DC (double crochet pattern). I started just doing my own thing and then realized I should probably follow a pattern so I found one on Pinterest!

Here is the pattern and I love the simple steps she provides:

Creation #3 – Inspired by a little girl named Kalia

Hey everyone!

So I haven’t posted in a while what I have been working on. I have recently just finished a matching headband for my niece Kalia. This headband matches the purple coloured one that I previously finished and posted to Headband #2 post on my blog. This headband for Kalia used the half double crochet pattern (hdc) and was joined together with a button. I wanted to make something for her and her mom enjoyed it very much and now wants one. I am going to be a busy person once people find out what I can make. Here are a few pictures of Kalia with her new headband made by her Auntie! Such a sweetheart!

kalia 1 kalia 2 kalia 3

Over my reading week I also used my new knowledge of crocheting to help out a fellow colleague at the school where I interned at. She is just a beginner and I showed her how to get started as she was having difficulties on her project. This project for ECMP 455 has not only allowed me to learn something new, but it has helped me help others who are having the same problems that I had at the start. This makes me realize that we all have our difficulties and we all learn differently (visual, reading, auditory) and this experience will help me in the future of learning new things and teaching new topics to students who it may take longer to learn than others.

Next project: An infinity scarf

Determination=Headband #2

So I put the pedal to the metal and crocheted my second headband in about three hours of hard work. This pattern used the term HDC (half double crochet that we explained in our second video (complete standard braid, then yarn over, under one braid, yarn over again pull through one loop, yarn over, pull through the three loops). I thought this one seemed to be easier than the first but maybe I am just getting better at it! I seem to have a rhythm now and can do more at one time than on my first headband.

Here is a picture of my purple headband. As you can see I attached a button again to the front and you can notice the new rounded pattern that I have mastered. #hdc

Next task: Crochet matching headband for my one year old niece!

headband 2

Everybody Makes Mistakes… Right?

So as my learning experience goes on, I have decided to finish my first headband and start over. The reason being is I seem to have messed up somewhere and instead of alternating ways around the headband I just kept going around and around and it didn’t come out the way I was expecting it to. It ended up a little uneven. It doesn’t look that bad but I think I will make my next one as a rectangle and join it in the end with buttons.

I’ve learned that we all make mistakes and I think this relates to teaching as we are teaching new topics everyday and students sometimes don’t catch on right away. We have to realize that we all learn differently and have to take our time at certain things. The main concept that we learn though is that we learn from our mistakes and keep trying. Hopefully the next time we will improve and be better at what we are learning.

Here is a picture of what I made and hopefully my next one I can wear out in public!


Crochet, Crochet, Crochet

Yesterday Kaely Weir and I began our adventure of beginning to crochet. Thanks to my friend Kacey Moffat who taught me the beginning steps, I began the making of a headband. It was a tough start to get used to the movements and patterns that you need to follow in order to create something but after 2.5 hours I am well into the creation of my headband. I have learned that it is very important to make sure that your product is staying straight as it may start to bend and get twisted along the way. I am happy with my accomplishments of starting to crochet and I hope to be finished this headband in the next couple of weeks. I will then begin another headband or maybe some dish clothes as I seem to be running out here in my apartment. We also used a video from Youtube  to help us remember how to start and we learned our first term “yarn-over” ! This is all so exciting!

Here are a couple of videos that Kaely and I have created of our process in making our headbands:


Enjoy! Keep posted for more!